About noemie

I am a French visual artist living in London. I started painting following Art-Therapy sessions as part of a personal therapy program.


Working previously in Finance, I am currently studying for a BA(hons) in Fine Art with Interactive Design Institute (IDI), the online study division of the University of Hertfordshire.


Initially painting abstract shapes, my style is now developing to figurative art.

I enjoy learning to draw and paint the complexity of different features of the face as well as the proportions of body in movements.

These express various emotions using a wide range of media such as paper or photo collage and gel mediums to create texture.


As part of my studies, I am exploring some fascinating themes such as the aging process, the construction of an identity or resilience through self-portrait using diverse media including not only painting but also video and photography.


To me art is an expression of my feelings and can even become more powerful than words. I enjoy experiencing all sorts of textured outcomes using mixed media as if art became a textured expression of my mind.

Noemie Redon

Email : contact@noemie.art

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